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Videos from Ontario Challenge Cup

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

Below are links to videos from the Ontario Challenge Cup held Sept 18-20 in Stratford.

Video comes from Blair Setford shot using a Blackberry Curve and are posted on Blair’s You Tube channel. A total of eight videos have been posted.

Ontario Challenge Cup Sunday Scores

Sunday, September 20th, 2009

Sunday Schedule
9:00 am
Game 28
Shakespeare Falcons 11 Glencoe Astros 7
WP Kevin Pomfret
LP Shaun Winship

11:00 am
Game 29
Wellington Sox 3 Shakespeare Falcons 2 – 8 innings
WP: Todd Uhrig
LP: Kevin Pomfret

Championship game
1:00 pm
Elmira Expos 5 Wellington Sox 4 – 11 innings
Elmira scores an unearned run in B11 for the win
WP: Casey Halstead in relief of Dan Martin
LP: Todd Uhrig

Congratulations to Elmira Expos, defending their Ontario Challenge Cup title and earning a berth to the 2010 ISC II Tournament of Champions in Midland, Michigan.

Thanks to Murray Patterson and Stratford Memorials Softball for hosting, UiC Paul Baier and his blue crew, Joe Todd, Rick Boyd, Doug Bach, Jim Marr and Jeff Whetstone along with Dennis Dosman and all of the scorekeepers and all the teams, players and fans.

Challenge Cup East – Sunday scores

Sunday, September 20th, 2009

Ontario East Challenge Cup Sunday results.

Game 11 … North Fred 3 – Carp 1
Wp- Bryan Brooks … Lp- Dan Konkle in relief of Neil Cooke

Game 12 … Quyon 7 – North Fred 3
Wp- Joran Graham … Lp- Lyle Brown in relief of Bryan Brooks

—- Ontario East Challenge Cup 2009 —-
Champions … Quyon Combat Flyers
Runners-up … North Fred Kings
3rd place … Carp I4C Victory

Congratulations to the Quyon Combat Flyers and a big thank you to all the teams for entering the Challenge Cup East this year. A big thank you to the Blue Crew and U.I.C. George Findley.

And thank you to Harold MacMillan and McNabb Minor Softball for hosting the 2009 Challenge Cup East.

Ontario Challenge Cup Saturday Scores

Saturday, September 19th, 2009

game # 12
Ingersoll Crush 4
Arthur Merchants 3
8 innings
wp Todd Winkworth
lp Jayme Ames
todd winkworth wp and drove home 3 runs in the b 8 for the victory

game 13
Shakespeare Falcons 5
Glencoe Astros 2
wp Fred Follings lp Steve Cook
Faulhafer Brothers Dave and Rob both had hr

game 14
Wellington Sox 6
Kitchenere Selects 0
wp Jeff Detta one Hitter lp Doug Hoffman

Game 15
Alvinston Indians 5
Hickson Reds 1
wp Brad Young
lp Mel Ross / releif Mark Van Vliet

Game 16
Elmira Expos 4
Oshweken Redmen 0
wp Casey Halstead 2 hitter and a 2 run homer and a single
lp Darren Zack

Game 17
Oshweken Redmen 8
Minesing Monarchs 2
wp Lee Hopkins and scored 3 runs
lp Mike Crawford, Kurt Glover

Game 18
Hickson Reds 1
Mississauga Sox 0
wp Mark Van Vliet
lp Glenn Dorrington

Game 20
Glencoe Astros 2
Ingersoll Crush 1
wp Shaun Winship
lp Adam Martin

game # 19
Cambridge Reds 7
Kitchener Selects 2
wp Kevin Buckley
lp Doug Hoffman

game 21
Hickson Reds 3
Osweken Redmen 0
wp Mark VanVliet,
lp Darren Zack

Game 22
Glencoe Astros 9
Cambridge Reds 2
wp Shaun Winship
lp Derek Mitchell

Game 23
Wellington Sox 6
Shakespeare Falcons 3
wp Todd Uhrig
lp Fred Follings

Game 24
Elmira Expos 2
Alvinston Indians 0
wp dan Martin
lp John Ferguson

Game 25
Shakespeare Falcons 3
Hickson Reds 0
wp Nic Laurette,
lp Mark Van Vliet

Game 26
Glencoe Astros 5 8 innings
Alvinston Indians 3
wp Shaun Winship in reflief of Steve Cook
lp Brad Young

Undefeated Game
game # 27
Elmira Expos 5
Wellington Sox 4
wp Casey Halstead
lp Todd Uhrig
Expos Travis Martin 2 singles and a home run, 1 of the singles and gwrbi in B7

Sunday Schedule
9:00 am
Game 28
Shakespeare Falcons Vs Glencoe Astros

11:00 am
Game 29
Wellngton Sox will play winner of Game 28

Championship game
1:00 pm
Elmira Expos vs winner Game 29

3:00 pm
If necessary

Challenge Cup East – Saturday Scores

Saturday, September 19th, 2009

(Separate tournament from the Chall. Cup in Stratford, Ontario)
Carp defeated Blackburn 6-4 tonight at the ISC II Challnge Cup in McNab/Braeside
WP-Dan Konkle in relief of Darren Featherstone
LP-Bud Hanlon

Great game but very cold here tonight…


Game 2 … North Fred 3 – Team Easton 2
Wp- Bryan Brooks … Lp- Jeff Murphy

Game 3 … Donnacona 7 – Manotick 0
Wp- Francis Leclaire … Lp- Paul Ceppi

Game 4 … Team Easton 5 – Blackburn 2
Wp- Cory Costello … Lp- Andy Barber

Game 5 … Quyon 7 – Carp 1
Wp- Chad Hargrove … Lp Neil Cooke

Game 6 … North Fred 3 – Donnacona 2
Wp- Bryan Brooks … Lp- Francis Leclaire

Game 7 … Team Easton 7 – Donnacona 0
Wp- Cory Costello … Lp Francis Leclaire

Game 8 … Carp 9 – Manotick 6
Wp- Neil Cooke … Lp Trevor Lahey

Game 9 … Quyon 5 – North Fred 1
Wp- Drew Hathway … Lp Bryan Brooks

Game 10 … Carp 5 – Team Easton 4
Wp- Dan Konkle … Lp Dan Bradley

Harold MacMillan

Ontario Challenge Cup Friday 9 pm

Friday, September 18th, 2009

Game 1
Shakespeare Falcons 7

Wiarton Nationals 2
WP Kevin Pomfret
LP Mark Robbins, relief Dustin Veenhoff
Falcons 6 runs in 3rd inn
Nationals Veenhoff 11Ks in 5 inn

Game 5
Hickson Reds 4

Cambridge Reds 0
WP Mark Van Vliet
LP Kevin Buckley
Hickson Jeff Rowell 2 RBIs

Game 2
Glencoe Astros 4

Minesing Monarchs 1
WP Shaun Winship
LP Mike Crawford
Astros Rob Burns RBI
Monarchs John McNabb HR

Game 6
Alvinston Indians 12

Zurich Rangers 2 – 5 innings
WP Brad Young, relief Jake McKillop
LP Justin Laporte relief Pat Crawford, Ben Hodgins
Alvinston Scott Smith HR 4 RBIs; Jeff Ingram 2 HRs 4 RBIs
Zurich Curtis Regier 2b Justin Laporte 3b

Saturday Schedule

Loser’s Bracket

9 am
Gm 9
Wiarton vs Minesing
Gm 10
Waterdown vs Mississauga
Gm 11
Cambridge vs Zurich

11 am
Gm 12
Ingersoll vs Arthur

Winner’s bracket
11 am
Gm 13
Shakespeare vs Glencoe
Gm 14
Kitchener vs Wellington

Gm 15
Hickson vs Alvinston
Gm 16
Ohsweken vs Elmira

-Blair Setford

Ontario Challenge Cup Friday 7 pm

Friday, September 18th, 2009

Game 4
Wellington Sox 8

Mississauga Sox 1 – 5 innings
WP Jeremy deBelleval
LP Glenn Dorrington, relief Martin Mauviel
Wellington: Jeff Detta 2 HRs (1 inside, 1 out) 3 RBIs; Jeremy Creeden 3 RBIs

Game 7
Ohsweken Redmen 8

Ingersoll Crush 7
WP Darren Zack in relief of Wayne Green
LP Todd Winkworth in relief of Adam Martin
Redmen Robert Bomberry 2 HRs 5 RBIs
Crush Darryl Wharram HR 3 runs; Eric Scott 3 runs

Game 3
Kitchener Selects 1

Waterdown Target 0
WP Doug Hoffman
LP Mark Curtis, relief Rick Hames
Selects Steve Hall HR

Game 8
Elmira Expos 4

Arthur Merchants 2
WP Dan Martin
LP Brady Lantz
Expos Kevin Gutcher HR 2 RBIs
Merchants Todd Swift RBI Jamie Taylor RBI

-Blair Setford

Challenge Cup Schedule

Thursday, September 17th, 2009

Below is the opening round schedule for the 2009 ISC II Challenge Cup qualifier tournament in Stratford Sept 18-20.

Full schedule here.

The winner of the tournament will receive an entry-fee paid berth in the 2010 ISC II Tournament of Champions in Midland, Michigan.

All games will be played at the Packham Complex in Stratford.

Gm 1 Friday 9 pm D3 Shakespeare Falcons vs Wiarton Nationals
Gm 2 Friday 9 pm D4 Glencoe Astros vs Minesing Monarchs
Gm 3 Friday 7 pm D3 Waterdown Target vs Kitchener Selects
Gm 4 Friday 7 pm D4 Mississauga Sox vs Wellington Sox
Gm 5 Friday 9 pm D5 Hickson Reds vs Cambridge Reds
Gm 6 Friday 9 pm D2 Zurich Rangers vs Alvinston Indians
Gm 7 Friday 7 pm D5 Ohsweken Redmen vs Ingersoll Crush
Gm 8 Friday 7 pm D2 Arthur Merchants vs Elmira Expos

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Challenge Cup East

Thursday, September 17th, 2009

The Challenge Cup East ISC II qualifier tournament is in McNab/Braeside Sept 18-20.

Full schedule here.

The winner of the tournament will receive an entry-fee paid berth in the 2010 ISC II Tournament of Champions in Midland, Michigan.

All games will be played at McNab Center Park. Additional questions, please email Harold MacMillan of McNab Minor Softball at

Gm 1 Friday 8 pm Carp I4C Victory vs Blackburn Guzzlers
Gm 2 Saturday 9 am Team Easton vs North Fred Kings
Gm 3 Saturday 9 am Manotick Lomor Printers vs Donnacona Blue Sox
Gm 4 Saturday 11 am Quyon COMBAT Flyers vs winner Gm 1

Games continue throughout the day Saturday and resume on Sunday at 9 am. The championship game is scheduled for 11 am Sunday with the “if” game to follow immediately.

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Wyevale Tribe win first Northern Ontario ISC II Qualifier

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009

August 29-30, 2009
Sudbury, Ontario


Mother Nature did not co-operate this past weekend as the first ever Northern Ontario ISC II Qualifier was reduced to a one day affair. Originally the four teams were to play a single round robin on Saturday followed by a single elimination round on Sunday for a 9-game tournament but as the weather has been all summer long, this could not be accomplished. Saturday was a complete wash-out and therefore, the tournament chairperson decided to make it a one-day double knockout. After 15 hours and six games, Wyevale Tribe were the first-ever winners.

Waterdown Hammer win Ontario championship

Monday, August 3rd, 2009

Waterdown Hammer won the OASA Intermediate Eliminations this past weekend, defeating Elmira Expos in the championship game. The win qualifies the Hammer for the 2010 ISC II Tournament of Champions in Midland, MI, pending their finish in the 2009 ToC.

See additional photos courtesy MaryAnne Baier here.

All of the game scores are after the jump courtesy Dennis Dosman. (more…)

Waterdown & Kitchener still undefeated at OASA elims

Saturday, August 1st, 2009

Waterdown Hammer and Kitchener Outlaws will meet in the undefeated game of the OASA Intermediate Eliminations tournament on Sunday in Waterloo.

Still alive in the loser`s bracket are Bridgeport Braves and KW Cubs amongst others.

Watch The Deuce for more info on who will be the 2009 Ontario Champion and earn a berth into the 2010 ISC II ToC in Midland.