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ISC II & Canada East Changes

Sunday, February 25th, 2007

ISC II Administrative Changes
Sunday, February 25, 2007
Last week, ISC II Vice President, Bob McGowan informed us of his decision to resign his position with ISC for personal reasons. Bob held two separate ISC positions, Vice President of ISC II and the Canada East Vice President.
We owe a huge debt of gratitude to Bob McGowan who came on board with us in 1996 and is truly the father of ISC II. It was Bob’s vision, planning, administrative and presentation skills that made ISC II a reality in 2002. It marked the first time in the history of ISC that we entered a different level of competition. Previously, ISC had no team classifications and the ISC World Tournament was open for any team, regardless of their competitive level of play.
Bob’s departure at this time is due to the situations at hand in 2007. With the tournaments returning to Kitchener, Bob feels the host organization is both experienced and talented so a change in ISC II leadership won’t be a hardship or strain for the Kitchener Committee. Also, Bob feels the various individuals currently in place in ISC II are likewise talented and dedicated to continue their jobs without a hitch.
As an organization, we extend a sincere thanks to Bob for his hard work and dedication to not just begin ISC II but to see it flourish and continue to be a very successful part of the International Softball Congress.
With Bob’s resignation, we announce the following appointments with approval from the ISC Executive Committee.
ISC II Vice President – This position will be assumed by Jim Williamson of Yakima, WA. Although Jim has only been with ISC since 2004, he has a lifetime of dedicated service to the game as a player, manager, sponsor and administrator. Jim’s administrative talents were recognized earlier this year when he was named as a non-voting member of the ISC Executive Committee so we could utilize his vast knowledge and planning skills. He has also worked on various Special Projects since 2004.
Canada East Vice President – This position will be assumed by Blair Setford of Mississauga, ON. Blair will continue his role as ISC II Commissioner but in becoming Canada East VP, he will become directly involved with both the ISC II and World Tournament portions of our operation. Blair has long been recognized as one of the hardest working people we have in the ISC. He initiated the ISC II team rankings process, has maintained the ISC II Pitcher List, has served as an ISC II Streaming Broadcaster and is ISC II Managing Editor of the annual ISC Guide book.
Regional Commissioner – Canada East – Joe Todd of Ingersoll, ON has been selected as a new Regional Commissioner for Canada East. He joins Blair Setford and Colin Smith as a voting member of the ISC Board of Directors. Joe was a coach/manager for 25 years and is a long-time fastball administrator who has served as an ISC II Game Controller since 2003. He does scoring and announcing at various leagues and tournaments and has been a part of the ISC II streaming broadcast team since 2003. In 2006, Joe was named a “Legend of the Game” at the Woodstock invitational in Woodstock, ON.
We are confident that Jim, Blair and Joe will continue their dedicated efforts for the betterment of the International Softball Congress and the sport of fastball.
These two interim Vice President appointments continue through the 2007 season. In August, the ISC Board of Directors will conduct regular bi-annual elections for all ISC Officers who comprise the ISC Exective Committee.
Please join us in thanking Bob McGowan and wishing him success and enjoyment in his future endeavors.
Ken Hackmeister
ISC Executive Director


Darren Zack Special

Wednesday, February 14th, 2007

No, he’s not in ISC II, but he is the biggest ambassador for the game of fastball and it’s a treat to spread the word about this special program honouring Darren Zack.

Courtesy Al’s Fastball List:

Chiefs and Champions premieres February 15th!

Kicking off Season II, the Darren Zack episode airs on APTN (Aboriginal Peoples Television Network):

Thursday, February 15th @ 10:30PM
Saturday, February 17th @ 7:30 PM
Sunday, February 18th @ 8:30 PM

For local listings, please log onto

Darren Zack is a legend in the world of Fastpitch Softball. Nicknamed “Z Man’ by his adoring fans, he set records at every level, pitching the most wins, strikeouts and consecutive scoreless innings, capturing three gold medals at the Pan Am Games. A resident and member of Garden River First Nation, Darren actively promotes Fastpitch by conducting pitching clinics throughout North America, encouraging community involvement in the sport.

A breakout documentary series, Chiefs and Champions honours Aboriginal sports heroes as they journey through challenges, prevail over adversity and develop into inspiring leaders and role models. Hosted by North of 60 star Tom Jackson, other Season II episodes profile Billy Two Rivers, Angela Chalmers, Richard Peter, Sharon & Shirley Firth and Gino Odjick.

Please watch and forward your comments to:

With thanks,

Sheilagh Cahill
Big Red Barn Entertainment
6556 60th Avenue
Delta, BC Canada
V4K 4E2
T: 604 946-6329
F: 604 946-2604

Editor’s note: Look closely and you’ll spot three of Maddy’s Photos of the Z-man in the documentary.

Winter ball in Oswego, NY

Sunday, February 11th, 2007

Our good friends at Cutro Professional Inspections (CPI), got a little bit of snow in the past few days in Oswego, New York, curtailing early season workouts.
“I’m sure I saw that ball land right over here.” 😉

ISC II Introduces New Roster & Team Registration Process

Wednesday, February 7th, 2007

August 6, 2007 Final Deadline for ISC/ISCII Rosters

In a continuing effort to streamline our overall operation and at the same time, reduce both expense and volunteer requirements for tournament hosts, beginning in 2007 the ISC will implement a new team roster and team registration process at the World Tournament and ISC II Tournament of Champions.

The former 3-part roster form is being eliminated and replaced with a single copy form that is available on line or will be email attached to those requesting it. The new form is currently displayed at Click on Rules & Forms in the left margin of front page. You can save this form, to your computer, from the web site display.

For both World Tournament and ISC II teams, the roster form must be submitted three times per season; May 1, July 15 and the Monday preceding the start of the ISC World Tournament. In 2007, this final date is August 6.

The May 1 date is a “preliminary” roster and a mandatory PRAWN declaration date for those teams having PRAWN players. May 1 will also continue being the due date for Out of Region (formerly Out of Area) player forms.

July 15 is the deadline for rosters to be in the hands of the championship tournaments host for use in the printed tournament program.

August 6 will be the final deadline for rosters used in the 2007 World Tournament and ISC II Tournament of Champions.

All rosters are to be emailed to the appropriate Statisticians whose addresses appear on the roster form itself.

The overall process involves each team “saving” their first roster on their computer. Then as subsequent due dates arrive, only changes need to be made to the saved form.

This process will eliminate the need for the former Team Registration ordeal on the Friday morning preceding the start of the World Tournament. The mandatory team manager meeting will still be held at 12 noon on the beginning Friday. Outside the manager meeting room, tables will be set up for distribution of materials for each team. Player and immediate family member tournament passes will be distributed based on the August 6 roster submission. This distribution process will begin around 10 AM and continue until after the manager meeting concludes. ISC personnel, Umpires, Hall of Fame inductees and others requiring credentials will also pick up outside the manager meeting room.

The Statisticians will also be available during this distribution process, to make any last minute roster changes.

For ISC II, the above process will be used but the manager meeting and credentials distribution will take place preceding the start of the ISC II Tournament of Champions. Time and location will be announced later.

To download a copy of the new roster form, click here.

(It’s an Excel file, so choose “save” to save to your computer’s hard drive, or “open” if you want to open it.)

If you don’t have Excel (which is part of Microsoft Office) and don’t want to $pring for it, try the open source freebie, “Open Office”.

Click here to visit the official ISC website page with for Rules and Forms. You’ll find the new 2007 Roster under “Forms”, right at the top.

For those wanting the new roster form via email attachment, email any of the following and request one.

The ISC extends thanks to Bret Baughman, ISC Historian and Assistant Statistician, for his efforts in developing much of the new procedure and roster form.


Saturday, February 3rd, 2007

As always, Maddy Flanagan took some great photos at the AAU Tournament in Orlando, FL in mid January.

Here are some links to ISC II players and umpires at the AAU. If you spot anymore among Maddy’s Photos from the AAU, please let us know.

Tom Vogel
Steve Bedard
Rob Fawcett
Derek Stevens
Jeff Franklin, second from right, front row (aka luckiest man in Orlando)
Shaun Winship