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“The Deuce” is a blog providing unofficial coverage of the ISC II at Fastpitchwest.com. It is written by Fastpitchwest.com’s Jim Flanagan and ISC II Commissioner/ghfl.ca’s Blair Setford. It is designed to give ISC II teams, players and their fans a place to find the latest news and information on the ISC II.

The ISC II is designed for the “intermediate” classification of competition for men’s fastball – for teams just below the “ISC World” open classification. Click here for more information on why your team should be playing ISC II. The first ISC II tournament was held in 2002. For details on eligibility, click the “eligibility” link under Official ISC II links below. The annual ISC II championship tournament hosts 32-35 top men’s fastball teams and is held at the same location as the ISC World Tournament. Following a “name the tournament” contest in 2003, the annual ISC II tournament was named the “ISC II Tournament of Champions”.

The iscfastpitch.com website continues to be the official website for the ISC II. The Deuce is here to help promote the ISC II. Be sure to see the collection of “Official ISC II” links in the right hand margin of this page.

We hope you enjoy “The Deuce” and make it a regular stop to keep up with ISC II happenings. Be sure to note that this blog is interactive, and permits you to post comments by simply by clicking the “comment” link at the end of any post. (A quick, one-time registration is required)

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