1. What is a “FAQ?”

Frequently Asked Question. Like the one you’re asking now.

2. What is a “blog” ?

“Blog” is shorthand for the term “weblog”. A weblog is a frequently updated website where posts are listed in reverse chronological order, so the newest items always appear at the top of the page. Blogs are written in an informal, or conversational tone, with the emphasis being on timeliness of the content, rather than more formal writing. The focus is on providing new information.

3. Why a blog ?

Blogging offers a number of advantages, both to me and to our readers, over a traditional website. For one, we can update from any computer, and from virtually anywhere in the world, without having any special software. If we can access the internet, we can update, even from a cell phone/PDA. It provides a single page for readers to get timely news, notes and links, and presents and organizes them in an easy to read, easy to find format. It allows readers to easily print or forward a single post only, without printing or forwarding a lengthier page. Finally, it’s interactive, and allows our readers to post their own comments on any particular piece, comments which become part of the blog for others to read as well.

4. Who writes “The Deuce”?

Jim Flanagan, editor of Fastpitchwest.com, and Blair Setford, ISC II Commissioner, and editor of GHFL.ca. We also invite guest bloggers from time to time. We invite you to contact The Deuce if you have news that is suitable for posting. We’ll give you credit, or anonymity, as you wish.

5. Why the name “The Deuce” ?

It’s just a catchy shorthand reference to the Roman numeral II in ISC II. And it eliminates the “is that ISC II or ISC2” questions.

6. Where is “The Deuce” located”?

We like to think it’s located wherever you are. Jim Flanagan is in Southern California, and Blair Setford is in that hotbed of ISC II fastball, Ontario, Canada, so that covers a pretty good amount of territory in between. Some say Ontario is the capital of the ISC II world, and far be it for me to disagree. The site itself is part of Fastpitchwest, but it belongs to all of you.

7. How do I find older articles at The Deuce?

Easy. Try the search engine over there on the upper right hand side of the page. Or search by category, by clicking the category that you want to read about. Be sure to note that the archives will initially display “abstracts” (shorter versions of the post.) Click the headline of the post and it will expand to the full text post.

8. What is RSS/Syndication?

RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication”. It is the latest creation of the internet, which provides for syndication of blogs to “newsreaders”, i.e. software set up to receive the postings to blogs, similar to email. A great time saver, as it eliminates the need to keep checking the blog to see if an update has been posted. It’s not as complicated as it might sound, but we’ve provided a separate page for RSS, a sort of “how to” guide. See the “RSS – How To” link right below the one that brought you to this page. Think of RSS as just getting an email each time this blog is updated.

9. How do I get a single post to print without printing the rest of what appears on the main page?

We know that sometimes you want to print a single post, without getting all of the other items that appear on the main page. To print a single post, just click the headline of the post, and it will flip over in your browser to a page of its own. The same goes for archive items. When you visit the archives, you will see only a short abstract. Click the headline of the archive item and it will open in full text on a page of its own.

10. Is there a way to email a post from The Deuce to a friend?

We are currently working on adding a javascript hack to our blogging software that will permit you to do that with one click. In the meantime, we suggest either clicking the title of the post (so it flips over to a page by itself), and then either copying and pasting the link (URL) in the address bar, or using the “file, send, mail recipient” approach.

11. How do I get back to the main page at The Deuce from a sub-page like this one?

Click the word “The Deuce” in the big black square at the top of the page.

12. How do I post a comment to a particular article on the The Deuce?

Easy. Just click the comment link at the lower right hand corner of the article you wish to comment on, and register (if you are not already registered to post comments). Registration is only required your first time. And don’t worry, your information remains private. Use your own name, or any handle you like.

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