2008 ISC II Tournament of Champions Feature in This Month’s Softball Magazine

Full Color PDF Now Available


We’ve bumped this post back to the top, as the full color PDF of the Softball Magazine feature is now available, by clicking here.The article entitled “California Dreamin'” was penned by ISC II Commissioner, Blair Setford. Blair assumed the reigns of the ISC II T of C program in 2004, including a streaming audio broadcast program that is headed into its 6th consecutive year. We are pleased to say that Softball Magazine has featured a story on the ISC II T of C every year since 2004.

This most recent feature story includes photos of Most Valuable Pitcher Dave Drotzmann and MVP Marcus Tan , as well as “Big Game Brian” Teeters of the champion California Lumberkings, plus Wayne Wells and Tim Neill, ace veteran pitchers for runner-up Waterdown Hammer of Ontario, Canada. Also featured — on the inside cover is a great shot of Terry Martin of the Elora Brewers hanging on a second for the force out. All photos, of course, by Maddy Flanagan. Don’t miss this one!

You’ll find many more photos of the 2008 ISC II Tournament of Champions at www.Maddysphotos.com.

This month’s issue of Softball Magazine is out, and includes a feature story on the 2008 ISC II Tournament of Champions at Appelton, Wisconsin, won by the California Lumberkings. Story by ISC II Commish, Blair Setford, photos by Maddy Flanagan. Among the photos are Most Valuable Player Marcus Tan (still milking his 15 minutes on the cover of Fasptitchwest.com), and Most Valuable Pitcher Dave Drotzmann.

Be sure to pick up a copy at selected newstands, (some Borders, Barnes & Noble, Waldens, Michael’s, and all of the Books-A-Million) or click the logo below to order it online. Back issues available ! Better still, subscribe and have it delivered to you each month !

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