Joseph & Woolridge among those pitching in Dominican winter league

Ontario ISC II pitchers Mike Joseph (incorrectly noted as an American) and Tracy Woolridge are among a dozen North American pitchers playing in the Dominican winter league.

Here’s a horrible translation of a story that appeared in a local Dominican paper and was posted on the Illinois Fastpitch board.

Paul Algar and Thomas Berube sent whitened footpaths of two unstoppable, Heriberto Doñé and Sergio Sickle Jr contributed the sufficient batting for that the Titanes del National District (Coinsa) assumed single the leadership del First Match of Dominican Liga Windlass (Limodom). The Titanes 1 of the Center Olympic Juan won to Monumental of Santiago in the double billboard celebrated yesterday in the stage of softbol number Pablo Duarte, breaking the tie which they maintained with his santiagueros rivals in the match that sponsors the Secretariat of State of Sports, under the organization of the Dominican Federation of Softbol. In Bonao, the Dolphins (2-2) of this city won in double game to the Universal ones of Santo Domingo (0-4) and tied in the second place with the Universal ones (2-2). Neozelandés Algar (2-0) left in two hits the Monumental ones, ponchó 11 and gave three passports to gain the duel to him to the American Phillip Perkins, who as soon as it tolerated three incogibles, abanicó four and it granted four transferences to the inhabitants of the capital whom Viola directs Welcome to Branches, that put their mark in 4 triumphs without misfortune. The Titanes took the commando in the first episode from the first shock. Doñé embasó by balls, robbed second and wrote down by simple of the Sickle Jr. In the fifth Alexander Lust it received base, Héctor Serum ran in first and wrote down by double of Doñé. Edward Leonardo added hit by the winners. Ariderson Polanco and Franklin Lust bound both only unstoppable of the Monumental ones, that puts his foja in 2-2. Doñé and Sickle Jr shot consecutive home runs in the fifth chapter of the second game, both against Manuel Vargas Towers (1-1) to support the two game of hits of the Canadian Berube (2-0), that ponchó 12 and elevated its leadership to 26, because 14 Fridays as opposed to Bonao had ponchado. Gutiérrez narcissus I stick double and Wellington Diloné a simple one, only the two incogibles that Berube allowed. Doñé added hit to its home run, Leonardo stuck pair of hits, Luis Perez and Christian Fernandez gave hit by the winners. Dolphins gain two to Universal In Bonao, the local Dolphins defeated 6 races by 3 and 6 by 2 to the Universal ones of the Santo Domingo province, in a double shock in the stage of the Momoncito club. The Canadian Robert Schweyer shot to 13 rivals and scattered five incogibles to write down his first victory (1-1). His countryman Tracy Woolridge loaded with the misfortune in work of five hits, six ponches and five transferences. Good Jose, Manuel Baptist, Yoneris Ferreira, Jovanny and Ariel Pimentel bound a simple one in the first victory of Bonao in the young match. Ramon Guzmán dispatched a quadrangular one by the Universal ones, Felix even Heredia of simple, Germa’n Taveras and Rafael Merán hit. In the second the Dolphins leaned in a solid work to monticular of the American Michael Joseph (1-1), who ponchó 11 and limited three hits to the capotalinos. Cuban Jose Antonio Naranjo (0-2) loaded with the misfortune, in spite of sending the seven effectively to it innings and to only accept two hits. The match follows 7:00 at night in the stage of softbol of Cancino II today, where the Universal premises of Santo Domingo (0-4) receive to the Titanes of the National District. – BY JACINTH DIAZ

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