Decatur withdraws bid for 2007 WT & ToC

Decatur Withdraws as 2007 ISC Host

After being awarded the 2007 ISC World Tournament and ISC – II Tournament of Champions, the Decatur Sports Foundation became aware of issues which may have jeopardized their ability to host quality ISC Tournaments. According to ISC Executive Director, Ken Hackmeister, “we have been in communication with them the past several weeks, seeing what options might be available to allow Decatur to retain and conduct our 2007 championship tournaments.”

Unfortunately, it was felt by both Decatur Sports Foundation and the ISC that in the best interests of all concerned, it would be best for Decatur to withdraw from hosting the tournaments in 2007. This withdrawal is mutually agreeable with both entities, and the ISC has given Decatur Sports Foundation encouragement to bid for future ISC tournaments.

The Decatur withdrawal letter states:

“Due to unforeseen issues after our successful bid on the 2007 World Tournament and ISC-II Tournament of Champions, the Decatur Sports Foundation regretfully must rescind their bid. The Decatur Sports Foundation looks forward to bidding again in the future.”

We sincerely thank Decatur Sports Foundation for taking a professional and objective approach to this difficult decision, and we welcome a future bid from them.

The ISC plans to announce a new host city for 2007 later in November.

November 14, 2005
Gordon Wise – – ISC Information Officer

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