Lumberkings Top A-1/Taylor Farms in the Battle for California

Lumberkings’ Darren (Strang) Prevails Over A-1/Taylor Farms’ Darren (Zack)

ISC II # 4 ranked California Lumberkings of Bakersfield, CA squared off with in-state ISC II rival, # 25 A-1/Taylor Farms, of Salinas, CA in a 4:30pm pool play game Saturday at the Rose Cup tournament in Portland, OR. The Lumberkings came away with the victory, with pitcher Darren Strang tossing a 2-0 shutout for the win over a Darren Zack-led A-1 Taylor Farms. It was a well pitched game on both sides.

The Lumberkings played in their first ISC II T of C last summer, finishing in the top 12. A-1/Taylor Farms is new to the scene, but is expected to be at the 2007 T of C as well. The Lumberkings qualified at the Red Rock Tournament in St. George, Utah, in May. A-1/Taylor Farms did well in that one, but had ISC World pitcher Doug Sleep on the mound, so were not eligible for ISC II qualification. Sleep is with A-1/Taylor Farms at the Rose Cup tournament as well, and the team raised its profile decidely with the addition of the legendary pitcher, Darren Zack. Neither Sleep nor Zack is eligible to pitch for them at the 2007 T of C.

In single elimination bracket play at the Rose Cup on Sunday, the Lumberkings pulled (another) tough draw, the ISC World # 7 ranked So Cal Bombers. The Lumberkings finished the day 2-1, including a pair of shutouts by Darren Strang. They fell to ISC World # 3 ranked Broken Bow, 4-1, with Mike Egerdeen looking impressive in the loss.

A-1/Taylor Farms was also 2-1, and will face host, # 13 ranked Portland DeMarini.

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