Canada East (Innerkip) Sunday scores

Canada East (Innerkip) ISC II Qualifier
Sunday June 24

Another beautiful day for ball in Innerkip. Things got underway at 8:55 am between Alvinston & Harriston, while the Port Elgin-Elmira game was delayed for 52 minutes due to some overzealous diamond watering by the Innerkip fire department. Harriston and Port Elgin won the early morning loser’s bracket games while Bucktown Bees, Phillip Martin and Lee Hopkins continued to confound and amaze, scoring three off Wyevale ace Jason Giffen in the first inning of the winner’s bracket final game, crusing to a 4-2 win. Harriston then dismantled Port Elgin 6-2 to meet Wyevale in the loser’s bracket final. Wyevale would manage only two hits off Scott Smith, both by Graham McNab, but he made them count, blasting a lead off home run in the top of the first and doubling him the game-winning run in the top of the 9th. McNab then came on in relief of starter Jason Giffen in the first final game after Giffen gave up five runs. McNab held down the Bees the rest of the way while the Tribe scored six in the bottom of the second and tacked on three more in the 6th to win 9-5. The “if” game was scoreless into the 6th, when Mike Kelly singled. Pinch runner Chris Bell stole second. Mike Lambie reached on an infield single advancing Bell to third and he scored on an RBI ground out by Cory Kelly. Jason Giffen came on for McNab in the 7th with two aboard and struck out the side to preserve the 1-0 win and the no-hitter. Congratulations to Wyevale on winning the 2007 ISC II Canada East (Innerkip) Qualifier.

9 am
Game 32
Harriston Mercury’s 3
Alvinston Indians 1
WP: Scott Smith 7IP 1R 0ER 5H 4Ks
LP: Ryan Swift 5IP 3R 2ER 6H 3Ks 1BB, relief Doug Charlton 1IP
Harriston: Trevor Seip RBI 3B, Geoff Gunson RBI 1B; Scott Walls RBI 1B; Jeremy Creeden, 2-3 2B
Alvinston: Ryan Swift RBI 3B; Mike Black 3-3 3B

Game 33
Port Elgin Blue Devils 4
Elmira Cubs 3
WP: Steve Ketchell 2 2/3 IP 1R 3H, in relief of Scott Christie 1 1/3IP 1K and Matt Hamilton 4IP 2R 1K
LP: Casey Halstead 8IP 4R 4Ks
Port Elgin: Shawn Detzler 2-run HR; Brian Lantz RBI 1B; Greg Thede GWRBI
Elmira: Andy Baechler 2-RBI 2B; Matt Reinhardt Inside the park HR

11 am
Game 31
Bucktown Bees 4
Wyevale Tribe 2
WP: Phillip Martin 7IP 2R 1ER 7H 7Ks
LP: Jason Giffen 1IP 3R 4H 1K 1BB; Graham McNabb 5IP 1H 4Ks
Bucktown: Mike Hopkins RBI single; Lee Hopkins RBI single; Richie Taylor RBI single; Darren Jacobs RBI single
Wyevale: Mike Lambie RBI single

Game 34
Harriston Mercury’s 6
Port Elgin Blue Devils 2
WP: Greg Vader
LP: Dustin Veenhof
Harriston: Aaron Small and Wayne Stephen score on passed balls in T1 after Port Elgin catcher Matt Turcotte is injured and comes out of the game. Ryan Fisk triple in T3 scores Brook Cochrane and Aaron Small. Jeremy Creeden RBI single scores Fisk. Cochrane 3B scores on an error on Small in T6.
Port Elgin: B1 Shawn Detzler RBI single scores Ryan Dudgeon. Ryan Whitney RBI single to score Ryan Dudgeon.

1 pm
Game 35
Harriston Mercury’s
Wyevale Tribe
WP: Graham McNabb 8IP 1ER 3H 7Ks, relief Jason Giffen 1IP 1K
LP: Scott Smith 9IP 3R 1ER 2H 11Ks
Wyevale: Graham McNabb has both Wyevale hits, a lead off HR in T1 and an RBI double in T9, then scores on an error.
Harriston: B4, Wayne Stephens leads off with a hustling double and scores on an RBI single by Ryan Fisk.

3 pm – Championship Game 1
Game 36
Wyevale Tribe 9
Bucktown Bees 5
WP: Graham NcNab 4IP 6Ks, in relief of Jason Giffen 2IP 5R 1K
LP: Lee Hopkins 4 2/3IP 5R 6Ks in relief of Phillip Martin1 1/3IP 4R 2Ks
T1 Duane Greenbird reached on an error, scored on an RBI double by Mike Hopkins who scored on an RBI double by Lee Hopkins, who scored on an RBI bloop single by Mattie Johnson.
T2 Duane Greenbird bunt single, scores on a bad hop triple by Mike Hopkins who scores on a SAC fly by Lee Hopkins, his 10th RBI of the tournament.
B2 Dave Drinkill singles and scores on RBI single by Makr Lambie. Chris Bell double scores Lambie and Mike Kelly.
Lee Hopkins in to pitch for Phillip Martin.
Matt Tjart triple scores Shane Bywater and Bell. SAC fly by Graham McNabbscores Tjart.
B6 Matt Tjart reaches on an error and comes across on another error on a bunt attempt by Graham McNabb who scores on an RBI single by Kevin Peterson, who scores on an error on Dave Drinkill.

5 pm
Game 37
Bucktown Bees
Wyevale Tribe
WP: Graham McNab 6IP OH 5Ks 3BB; Jason Giffen 1IP 3Ks – COMBINED NO-HITTER
LP: PhillipMartin 7IP 1R 5H 8Ks 2BBs
Wyevale: Mike Kelly singled. Pinch runner Chris Bell stole second. Mike Lambie reached on an infield single advancing Bell to third and he scored on an RBI ground out by Cory Kelly. Jason Giffen came on for McNab in the 7th with two aboard and struck out the side to preserve the 1-0 win. Mike Kelly 2-3 Mark Lambie 2-3

Tournament MVP: Graham McNab, Wyevale Tribe
Top Pitcher: Phillip Martin, Bucktown Bees

Order of finish:
1.Wyevale Tribe
2.Bucktown Bees
3.Harriston Mercury’s
4.Port Elgin Blue Devils
T5 Elmira Cubs, Alvinston Indians
T7 Glencoe Astros, Shakespeare Falcons

Thank you’s to:
Host Committee, Howie Brown, chairman, Carl Littlejohns, Drumbo, Mert McMahon Food Booth & Beer Garden and Jonathan Vink, Zack and friends, Groundscrew and the scorekeepers and announcers.
Umpire-in-Chief Jay Hart, deputies Len Georgi and Tim Whitelaw and the entire Blue Crew.
ISC II Staff: Joe Todd, Laurie Fraser, Jim Marr, Doug Bach, Chris Bach & Rick Boyd.

Congratulations to Wyevale Tribe and Bucktown Bees on qualifying for the 2007 ISC II Tournament of Champions and thank you to all teams for their sportsmanship & support of the ISC II program.

Blair Setford
ISC Canada East VP
ISC II Commissioner

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