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Broadcast Schedule for Tuesday, August 16

Tuesday, August 16th, 2005

Tuesday August 16
3:00 PM Niagara, ON Snappers at Hermann, MO Black Gold
5:00 PM Tavistock, ON Smully’s Merchants at Lloydminster, AB PWM Steel Scope Dodgers
7:00 PM Ottawa, ON Team Easton Thunder at Sioux Falls, SD Sox
9:00 PM Perkasie, PA KMV Rise at Denmark, WI Circle Tap Lumberjacks

Alternate channel possibilities:
4:00 PM Rice Lake, WI Orangemen at St. Paul, MN ABS-Villard
5:00 PM Gladstone, MB Whips at Bridgeport, ON PROforma Braves
6:00 PM Elmira, ON Cubs at Regina, SK Century 21 Angels
8:00 PM Chippewa Falls, WI Sawdust City at Cobourg, ON Stingers

Scores from Monday 11 am to end of day

Monday, August 15th, 2005

Ashland, OH Merchants 2
Bridgeport, ON PROforma Braves 4

St. Paul, MN Vannelli’s/Rice Street 8
Wichita, KS Athletic Club 4

Dubuque, IA Hammerheads 5
Rice Lake, WI Orangemen 6

Lloydminster, AB PWM Steel Scope Dodgers 2
Cobourg, ON Stingers 5

Memphis TN Posse 7
Regina, SK Century 21 Angels 6

Harriston, ON Mercurys 3
Yakima, WA JRW Associates 1

Ottawa, ON Team Easton Thunder 5
St. Paul, MN ABS-Villard 4

Kenosha, WI Earl’s Club 5
Elburn, IL Richwrap Fastpitch 3

Wichita, KS Athletic Club 2
Niagara, ON Snappers 1

Mankato, MN Fisher Group 3
Denver, CO Colorado Rage 4

Gladstone, MB Whips 6
Ashland, OH Merchants 13

Reasnor, IA RPMs 7
Denmark, WI Pioneer Metal Finishers 0

Alvinston, ON Indians 6
Palermo, ON Athletics 2

Galesville, WI Wilber Lime 4
Port Elgin, ON Blue Devils 5

Elmira, ON Cubs 5
Perkasie, PA KMV Rise 4

Wausau, WI Rep & Baja’s 3
Oswego, NY McKie’s Sports 8

Sioux Falls, SD Sox 8
Dubuque, IA Hammerheads 1

Appleton, WI The Bar of Appleton 1
Hermann, MO Black Gold 2

Cobourg, ON Stingers 4
Chippewa Falls, WI Sawdust City 1

Day 4 at ToC – Day 2 of games

Monday, August 15th, 2005

Few extra innings games today … Colorado Rage & Fisher Group go 12 before Rage win 4-3 … Memphis Posse beat Regina C21 Angels 7-6 in 10 and Ottawa won 5-4 over ASB Villard in 8 innings … What happened to Snappers’ bats – 7 hits in two games and only two runs – both on HRs by Scott Young… Darren Young looked good for Wichita in beating Snaps 2-1 … Eric Steinbeck strikes out 13 as Black Gold wins 2-1 with run in B7 to beat Bar of Appleton … Lloydminster and Gladstone struggling at 0-2 and 1-2 respectively… Alvinston upsets Palermo 6-2 … Cobourg 2-0 … Elmira 2-0 … McKie’s rebounds to win 2, now 2-1 … Harriston beats JRW 3-1… Earl’s club gets HR to win 5-3 over Richwrap … Port Elgin scores 1 in B7 to beat Wilber Lime 5-4 … Dan Martin looks very impressive in ISC II debut winning in relief of Matt Hamilton beating last year’s NAFA AA champs … Bridgeport rebounds with a win …

once again, absolutely terrific weather today in CFalls …

broadcasts tomorrow (all times central):
Black Gold vs Snappers at 3 pm
Tavistock vs Lloydminster at 5 pm
Ottawa vs Sioux Falls at 7 pm
Rise vs CT Lumberjacks at 9 pm

Monday’s Niagara Snappers game on

Monday, August 15th, 2005’s Blair Setford will be covering Monday’s 3:00 pm central (4:00 pm eastern) game featuring Niagara, ON Snappers vs Wichita, KS Athletic Club live from Casper Park in Chippewa Falls, WI.

Please click to listen to the game.

Temporary site at for Al’s Fastball

Monday, August 15th, 2005

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We have also added a direct link on the right hand side of the main page at Fastpitchwest,

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Jim Flanagan

Scores through Monday 10 am games

Monday, August 15th, 2005

Denmark, WI Circle Tap Lumberjacks 2
Memphis TN Posse 1

Galena, IL Keg & Cask Liquor Store 1
Wausau, WI Rep & Baja’s 2

Rice Lake, WI Orangemen 0
Ottawa, ON Team Easton Thunder 2

Tavistock, ON Smully’s Merchants 8 – Fred Follings PERFECT GAME!
Lloydminster, AB PWM Steel Scope Dodgers 0

St. Paul, MN ABS-Villard 3
Sioux Falls, SD Sox 5

Reasnor, IA RPMs 4
Cowessess, SK Royals 2

Elburn, IL Richwrap Fastpitch 2
Ashland, OH Merchants 5

Hermann, MO Black Gold 3
Wichita, KS Athletic Club 2

Niagara, ON Snappers 1
Appleton, WI The Bar of Appleton 0

Port Elgin, ON Blue Devils 5
Mankato, MN Fisher Group 3

Bridgeport, ON PROforma Braves 5
Kenosha, WI Earl’s Club 6

Harriston, ON Mercurys 9
Oswego, NY McKie’s Sports 2

Palermo, ON Athletics 2
Denmark, WI Pioneer Metal Finishers 0

Yakima, WA JRW Associates 7
Galena, IL Keg & Cask Liquor Store 0

Denver, CO Colorado Rage 1
Mankato, MN Fisher Group 0

Chippewa Falls, WI Sawdust City 1
Tavistock, ON Smully’s Merchants 3

Elburn, IL Richwrap Fastpitch 3
Gladstone, MB Whips 6

Regina, SK Century 21 Angels 2
Perkasie, PA KMV Rise 4

Appleton, WI The Bar of Appleton 3
St. Paul, MN Vannelli’s/Rice Street 1

Denmark, WI Circle Tap Lumberjacks 0
Elmira, ON Cubs 3

Cowessess, SK Royals 0
Alvinston, ON Indians 4

Oswego, NY McKie’s Sports 22
Galena, IL Keg & Cask Liquor Store 1

Sunday, August 14th, 2005

ISC II – Chippewa Falls, WI – August 14-19

ISC II Score Reporting

Sunday, August 14th, 2005

Just an FYI to all ISC II fans – it’s 7:15 am central time and I’ve tried to check Al’s Archives at and the page isn’t coming up. If this continues to be a problem, we will ensure that all ISC II scores are posted here at The Deuce. We will try to get you winning and losing pitchers if possible, but for sure you will get the ISC II scores here.

It’s going to be a beautiful day here with clear, blue skies and warm temps, but it’s not expected to be oppressively hot.

Less than three hours to the first pitch – can’t wait! 😉



More on Day 2 at the 2005 ISC II ToC

Saturday, August 13th, 2005

Another gorgeous day here in Chippewa Falls. Slight breeze to keep things fresh, but temps in the high 70s/low 80s reported all day.

Out at Casper Park, we got the internet connections all set up and ran some streaming tests when Jim and Maddy Flanagan got into town. Everything is a go – we’ll be on the air at 1 pm central tomorrow.

Watched the County-Bow game tonight … two massive home runs off Muizelaar by Patrick Shannon and Thomas Makea for County… Eduardo Leonardo hit a 2-run bomb for Bow off Kirkpatrick… Piechnick came in in the 5th and allowed one of Muizey’s runners to score … County actually scored the 3rd and 4th runs on passed balls by Box … Muizey hit batters after both home runs … Mata started for County … Kirkpatrick in in the 4th … someone said Mata hasn’t thrown a complete game all year??? … Mata throwing hard but nowhere near the zone… a lot of fans grumbling about Zack and a few ladies in the front row actually chanted “We Want Zack” when coach John Becker made a mound visit at one point …

Tomorrow it all starts for the ToC … make sure you tune in at 1 pm central for St. Paul ABS Villard vs Sioux Falls Sox followed by Niagara Snappers vs Bar of Appleton at 3 pm … Harriston starts their journey for the 3-peat vs last year’s ASA A Champs McKie’s at 7 pm and #1 Tavistock plays the host team Chippewa Falls Saw Dust City at 9 pm …

Email us at



Day 2- Eau Claire/Chippewa Falls

Saturday, August 13th, 2005

Posting this note from Casper Park at Chippewa Falls, where the ISC II Tournament of Champions gets underway tomorrow, Sunday, August 14, 2005 at 11:00 a.m. Wisconsin (Central) time. The Denmark, WI Circle Tap Lumberjacks, Memphis TN Posse, Galena, IL Keg & Cask Liquor Store and Wausau, WI Rep & Baja’s get the honors of playing the first games.

Blair and I were at the fields today, getting our “Pepsi wagon” broadcast booth ready to go for the ISC Broadcasts. First broadcast will be at 1pm tomorrow, CST. (See for complete details. The folks in Chippewa Falls have really outdone themselves in prepping the ballpark. They mowed the outfield grass again today and have been dragging, and chalking all day long. The concession stand looks ready to go, and I can vouch that the beer is cold – well, at least the cans in the cooler I saw are. The menu prices can’t be beat, though all it does today is make my mouth water, as they are not open for business ’til Sunday. As Blair mentioned yesterday, the beer is 3 for $5. And if that wasn’t enough, now they are offering 6 for $10 😉

The weather today has been gorgeous, sunny and warm with a bit of a breeze — much more comfortable than the heat wave that rolled through here when I was here for the NAFA World Series in 2003. The improvements from those days are everywhere. Concrete pads around the backstops, new bleachers, grass filled in around the diamonds, larger tented picnic areas, and more.

We listened to some of the ISC games today from Eau Claire, while doing our final sound checks. We are looking forward to getting our games on the air starting tomorrow and seeing some great fastball action all week long. Thanks to all of you who have taken the time to do an “online profile” at ballparkradio, to help provide bio info for our broadcasts. They make for interesting reading.

Until 11am tomorrow, when we hear the words, “play ball” !

Jim Flanagan

Day 1 in EC/CF

Friday, August 12th, 2005

Checked out the ToC parks today … there will be some seating at all the diamonds and there is more than one tent, so there will be shade. All the dugouts are covered and water will be provided for all games.

Beer will be 3 for $5.00 – yes, that’s right 3 for $5.00 – and you can carry it anywhere in the park.

The black dirt that was so prevalent at the NAFA tournament a couple years back has been grassed over and temporary fences at 250 have been erected on all four diamonds.

It’s all set to go – just awaiting the teams.

Watched a few games at the WT tonight too – County hit the sh!t out of the ball… Kitchener mercied the Czechs … Jamie Simpson shut out Blackhawk AC … Skillings hit two out … Parks are beautiful and so was the weather.

More tomorrow …



Essential links for the ISC II Tournament of Champions

Wednesday, August 10th, 2005

ISC II – Chippewa Falls, WI – August 14-19

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Pool Play Standings

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Both ISC and ISC II:
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