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#46 LumberKings “steal” BC dynamic duo

Monday, May 15th, 2006

The California LumberKings are happy to announce the signings of pitchers Jon Nimmo and Darren Strang. Jon Nimmo, from Maple Ridge, British Columia, will be playing with us in the Bombers Invitational, Portland Rose Cup and the Tournament of Champions in Kitchener, Ontario. Darren Strang, from Richmond, BC, will be playing for us in the Tournament of Champions. Both Jon and Darren are currently pitching for the Richmond, BC Stealers.

Dave Weldin
Lumberkings, Bakersfield, CA

Editor’s Note: Dave mentioned this to Jim and I about three weeks ago that he had these guys but wanted to wait to announce their signing. Strang pitched Seattle Bodle Chiropractic to 2nd place at the 2004 NAFA AA tournament, dropping the “if” game when he got hurt. Nimmo pitched Lantzville, BC to 3rd at the 2002 NAFA AA, behind Sebringville and Rainey, when he was 19 or 20. I would expect a huge jump in the rankings for the LumberKings up from their current #46.

ISC II Scores from May 12-14

Monday, May 15th, 2006

Below are selected scores from teams that will be competing either in the 2006 ISC II ToC or in various ISC II qualifying tournaments.

Scores from Gopher State (Minn) Travel League
#34 ASB-Villard (St. Paul, Minn) 10 Village Inn (Hudson, Wisc) 6, 8 innings
ISC #17 MinnDak Millers (Moorhead, Minn) 15 Herda & Sons (Waverly, Minn) 0, 5 innings
ASB-Villard 7 Herda & Sons 0, 5 innings
Kegel 8 Herda & Sons 0, 5 innings
Kegel 12 Villard 4
Village Inn 21 Herda & Sons 0, 5 innings
MinnDak 12 Villard 0, 5 innings

Scores from Millgrove, ON tournament
#31 Waterdown Hammer 8 Millgrove Smoke 1
Hammer 3 Kitchener Phoenix Outlaws 1
Hammer 8 Cambridge Reds 0
Hammer 10 Hamilton Hawks 7
#17 Palermo Athletics 6 Hammer 4 – A final

#17 Palermo Athletics 6 Ayr Vics 1
Palermo 8 Morriston Coyotes 0
Palermo 6 Waterdown Rebels 5
Palermo 4 Waterdown Alexander Keith’s 3
Palermo 6 #31 Hammer 4 – A Final
Chad Reed 5 IP 7K 2ER 2-3 2B 1R RBI
Mark Cameron 1-4 HR RBI
Kevin Schouppe 2-3 2 2B 1R
Tom Chater 1-3 HR 3RBI

Jim Hurst 6 IP 6K 5ER
Kyle Davis 2-4 SB 2B 1R 2RBI
Joe Reeve 3-4 SB 1R

Kitchener Phoenix Outlaws 8 Cambridge Reds 0
#31 Waterdown Hammer 3 Kitchener 1
Kitchener over Millgrove Smoke
Kitchener 9 Mississauga Arrows 1
ISC #31 Scarboro Wolverines over Kitchener – B Final

Scores from ISC Travel League of Eastern Canada:
#2 Niagara Snappers 1 ISC #3 Kitchener Twins 1
Kitchener Pitchers: Todd Martin (5 innings) and Paul Koert (2 innings)
Niagara Pitcher: Byron Demoe 7IP, 4K, 4BB, 1ER

Game #2
Kitchener Twins 10 Niagara Snappers 4
WP: Don Scott (2 innings) in relief of Paul Koert (3 innings)
LP: Dan Duemo 7IP, 2K, 1BB, 6ER

Game #3
Kitchener Twins 7 Niagara Snappers 0
WP: Don Scott in relief Paul Koert
LP: Jason Paylove 6IP, 2K, 4BB, 7ER

Game #4
Kitchener Twins 4 Niagara Snappers 2
WP: Todd Martin in relief Paul Koert
LP: Jim Wilson 5IP, 2K, 4BB, 3ER in relief Byron Demoe 1IP, 1K, 1BB, 1ER

Last chance to enter Fitzroy Harbour qualifier

Monday, May 15th, 2006

Canada East ISC Commissioner Bob McGowan is issuing one final call to Ontario and Quebec ISC II teams that there are only a couple of spots remaining for the ISC II qualifier to be held in Fitzroy Harbour June 16-18.

To date, 14 teams have registered for the Fitzroy Harbour qualifier. Entries will be closed in the next week to 10 days.

This will be the final opportunity for Ontario and Quebec teams to qualify for the 2006 ISC II Tournament of Champions in Kitchener/Cambridge as the ISC II qualifier in Innerkip the same weekend is full at 16 teams.

The entry fee is $300.

The winners of each ISC II qualifier will receive berths in the 2006 ToC with additional invite berths likely available.

For more information, please contact:

Bob McGowan
519.941.6767 home
905.672.7473 office


Adam Brown
Adam.Brown(at) or

Teams entered:
Stittsville 56ers
Fitzroy Harbour West Carleton Electric
Carp I4C Victory Consulting
Stouffville Mennos
Waterdown Hammer
Micksburg Twins
Manotick Lomar Printers
Ottawa Team Easton Thunder
Ottawa Valley Raiders
Blackburn Bombers
Ottawa Blitz
Kingston Cowboys
Quyon Flyers
Eastmain Fireballs

Scope PWM Steel Dodgers Dig in for Rebound Year

Saturday, May 13th, 2006

From the article appearing in the Lloydminster Meridian Booster, by Larry Fisher:

Friday May 12, 2006
Lloydminster Meridian Booster — The Scope PWM Steel Dodgers fell short of their own expectations in 2005 and with that came the departure of several key players, one thing they didn’t lose, however, is their potential. One of eight teams competing in the Capital City Men’s Fastball League, the Dodgers are banking on a return to their winning ways of 2004 starting with Monday’s season opener in Edmonton. While their off-season was nothing to write home about, with the losses seemingly outweighing the additions to date, they did manage to secure a package deal – bringing back former leadoff man Fred Sirett along with overpowering pitcher Darrel Tilley who will instantly assume the role of ace in the Dodgers starting rotation.


ISC II Blue Crew Named

Friday, May 12th, 2006

ISC II Umpire-in-Chief Bruce Bierman is proud to announce the umpire crew who will be working the 2006 ISC II Tournament of Champions in Kitchener/Cambridge, Ontario this August.

1. Mike Anklewicz Toronto, Ontario
2. Joel Balberman Brantford, Ontario
3. Gary Brierley Crystal Lake, Illinois
4. Ted Burchell Newmarket, Ontario
5. Terry Burr Puslinch, Ontario
6. Michael D’Abreu Brampton, Ontario
7. Len Gorgei Caledonia, Ontario
8. John Gretz Germantown, Maryland
9. John Irvine Cobourg, Ontario
10. Jeff Juchniewicz Quakertown, Pennsylvania
11. Steve Kuhl Kitchener, Ontario
12. Jay McNaughton Fort Erie, Ontario
13. Dave Seldon Reese, Michigan
14. Trevor Topping Kitchener, Ontario
15. Tim Whitelaw Kitchener, Ontario
16. Mitch Zuk Erin, Ontario

Congratulations also to four umpires who worked last year’s ToC and will be working the World Tournament this year:

Paul Baier Stratford, Ontario
Jay Hart Dunnville, Ontario
Ginger Rendon Pueblo, Colorado
Joe Squires Midland, Michigan

ISC II teams in California Top 10

Friday, May 12th, 2006

Sledghammer22 is providing regular updates for his California Top 10 list. The most recent edition can be found here.

Tied at #3 is ISC II #27 Hayward, CA A-1 Tank and coming in at #5 is ISC II #46 Bakersfield, CA LumberKings. Both teams are set to compete at this year’s ToC.

3 Tied. A-1 Tank– The Tank showed they can compete with the big boys this weekend in Red Rock. They had a key victory over Team USA pitcher Cody Thompson and went 2-1 on Saturday. Ed Gaspar threw a no hitter and was one call away from perfection in game one. They showed a lot of weapons on offense but the key will be the staff. Bringing in the likes of Doug Sleep and Darcy Byrne limited the regular’s time on the hill.

5. Bakersfield Lumberkings– Although they didn’t have the success they wanted in Red Rock, they were in every game. Their losses were 5-4, 7-5 and 7-6 which means they were putting up runs and were competitive. We’re gonna keep our eye on this team to see if they can start pulling out the one run ball games to get them over the top. The big question is still the pitching staff. With ISC aces Sonny Perkins and Grant Patterson doing most of the pitching, when do the regulars get the time?

ISC II Special Operating Rules for 2006

Friday, May 12th, 2006

ISC II Special Operating Rules for 2006

The International Softball Congress is announcing special operating rules for the 2006 season for the ISC II division regarding the pickup of pitchers from the Eastern Canada area.

For the 2006 season, following the completion of the Eastern Canada qualifiers on June 18, teams from outside the Eastern Canada area may sign one (1) pitcher from the Eastern Canada area provided that they remain in compliance with the ISC II out-of-area rules which limit teams to a total of three (3) OOA players, only two (2) of whom can be pitchers. The signing deadline is July 14, 2006. Fees and completed forms must be mailed to ISC Executive Director Ken Hackmeister as of that date.

Qualified or invited teams from within the Eastern Canada area may only pick up (1) pitcher from among their three (3) available pickups. Any qualified or invited teams from within the Eastern Canada area that have a pitcher on the list below cannot pick up any other pitcher from that list, but can pick up any other eligible pitcher. Qualified and invited teams from within the Eastern Canada area that don’t have a pitcher on this restricted list may pick up one pitcher from the list if they choose to.

1. Ben Blonde
2. Doug Charlton
3. Steve Cook
4. Corey Costello
5. Byron Demoe

6. Dan Duemo
7. Rob Fawcett
8. Fred Follings
9. Ryan French
10. Casey Halstead

11. Steve Ketchell
12. Dan Konkle
13. Chris McColl
14. Tim Neill
15. Jim Schnarr

16. Gord Scott
17. Scott Smith
18. Todd Uhrig
19. Todd Winkworth
20. Shaun Winship

“These special operating rules were developed in consultation with several Canada East teams who have many years of combined ISC II participation both at the area level and at the international level,” said ISC II Vice-President Bob McGowan.

OOA player registration must follow these procedures:

1. A completed and signed copy of the ISC Letter of Intent to Play OOA (available here) must be mailed to Ken Hackmeister with a postmark no later than July 14, 2006 and must include the $100 US fee.

2. Teams must notify ISC II VP Bob McGowan (jbob99(at) and ISC II Commissioner Blair Setford (blairjs(at) of any OOA signing by July 14.

3. Final rosters for all ToC teams are due at registration on Saturday August 12, 2006 in Kitchener. All OOA players and pick-ups must be highlighted.

These special operating will give some pitchers in the Eastern Canada area that haven’t had the opportunity to compete in the ISC II Tournament of Champions the chance to get picked up for the ToC and will potentially enable some of the teams from outside the Eastern Canada area to better compete at the ToC.

If there are any questions about this or additional clarification is needed, please email ISC II VP Bob McGowan at jbob99(at)

Click here for a chart format of the rules.

May 12, 2006

Gordon Wise –
ISC Information Officer

ISC II #34 St. Paul, MN ASB Villard Fighting Mallards

Thursday, May 11th, 2006

Editor’s Note: ASB Villard have been a playoff team the past two years at the ToC and always play tough. They are a real class act and a pleasure to watch.

Villard, Minnesota

ASB-Villard “Fighting Mallards” ISC II Roster and Schedule

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Villard, Minnesota General Manager Dave Dziengel is pleased to announce the upcoming schedule and team members for the 2006 ASB-Villard men’s fastpitch season.

The “Fighting Mallards” will be starting there 39th competitive season of fastpitch softball and will be looking to improve on their 41-24 record in 2005. ASB-Villard finished in 17th place at the ToC and tied for 9th place at the NAFA AA National Tournament.

ASB-Villard will be competing in the Freeport Elite Platinum Select league, Freeport, Minnesota and also the West St. Paul league in West St. Paul, Minnesota. Before the season starts we would Villard would like to thank long time booster Larry Zavadil of American Solutions for Business in Glenwood, Minnesota for his continued support of fastpitch softball in Minnesota and Brett Bresnahan for the construction and upkeep of our team’s website.

Roster postion Hometown State
1 Zach Goring SS Apple Valley MN
2 Joel Cooley P Villard MN
3 Andy Dziengel P, OF Villard MN
4 Luke Goring 2B, OF Apple Valley MN
5 Jimmy Walker C Villard MN
6 Josh Albers 2B, OF Villard MN
7 Jim Albers 1B Villard MN
9 Kit Pennie 3B Villard MN
10 Jack Rowan OF Mahtomedi MN
11 Randy Albers 3B Villard MN
12 Gavin Smith SS West Fargo ND
13 Jeff Schoeberl OF Hastings MN
14 Galen Bahn OF Wood Lake MN
15 Kevin Bahn OF Wood Lake MN
16 David Dziengel P Villard MN
17 Tom Schoeberl C, 1B Hastings MN
19 Jeff Henry 1B, 3B Hastings MN
20 Dan Toop 2B Glenwood MN

Lucas and Zach Goring are rostered ONLY for play in West St. Paul

MGR – Dave Dziengel
Coach – “Black” Jack Rowan

2006 Tournaments
May 13/14 Stillwater ISC
June 4/5 Hudson Wisconsin
June 17/18 Rice Lake
June 24/25 Dawson
July 8/9 Waverly
July 15/16 Fargo Holm Classic
July 22/23 West St. Paul
August 5/6 Freeport
August 13-18 Kitchener, ON ISC II ToC Tournament

Thank you,

Dave Dziengel

ISC II #7 Hermann, MO Black Gold

Wednesday, May 10th, 2006

Editor’s Note: With ace Erik Steinbeck chalking up the strikeouts by the dozen, Black Gold are a force to be reckoned with in ISC II. Glad to see they are making the trip to Kitchener and we look forward to featuring the team on BallPark


Hermann Black Gold will again be competing in the Gateway Fastball League in St. Peters, Missouri. Black Gold are ranked #7 in the ISC II Preseason Rankings.

2006 Roster

Scott Borcherding IF
Terry Coon C
Jordan Fricke IF
Dean Haeffner OF
Brett Isrealson OF
Jason Kahle IF
Jake Kandlbinder OF
Randy McMillen IF
Cy Morris OF
Blake Schowe C
Brent Schowe IF
Brady Schwartz OF
Allen Speckhals P
Branden Speckhals IF
Cullen Speckhals OF
Kurt Speckhals C
Eric Steinbeck P
Butch Stolte OF
Brad Johnson OF ( ISC II TOC Only)
John Kisilewski P ( ISC II TOC Only)

MGR – Eric Steinbeck
Coach – Butch Stolte

2006 Tournaments
Dave Baue Memorial – St. Peters, Missouri – May 27-28
Kelso Klassic – Kelso, Missouri – June 9-11
Black Gold Classic – Hermann, Missouri – June 24-25
Nokomis – Nokomis, Illinois – July 7-9

Thank you,
Eric Steinbeck
Black Gold

Ingersoll, ON Crush

Wednesday, May 10th, 2006


The Ingersoll Crush is again competing in the Tri-County Fastball League, and are competing in this year’s ISC II Qualifier in Innerkip (June 16th – 18th).

2006 Roster

Adam Martin – P
Rick Johnson – P, DH
Luke Raymer – P (Tournaments & ISC II Only)
Andrew Zang – P
Darryl Wharram – C
Eric Scott – C, IF
Jamie Belore – C, IF
DJ Latford – IF
Steve Johnson – IF
Jeff Figg – IF, OF
Adam Learn – IF (Tournaments & ISC II Only)
Joe Ash – OF
George Randall – OF
Matt Leversage – OF
Craig Stubbs – OF (Tournaments & ISC II Only)
Ray Nutley – Utility
Rob Deakin – P (League Only)

Coach – Dennis Latford
Assist Coach – Bob Figg

2006 Tournaments

Woodstock Tournament – May 20th-22nd
Mitchell Tournament – June 9th-11th
ISC II Qualifier (Innerkip) – June 16th-18th
Huntsville Tournament – July 7th-9th
Norwich Tournament – August 11th-13th
ISC II Tournament – TOC (Kitchener) – August 13th-18th **if qualify**
ISC II 2007 Qualifier (Hillsborough) – August 25th-27th **if qualify**

For more news and information check out our website:

Email: ingersollfastball(at)

Darryl Wharram
Ingersoll Crush

Kingston, ON tournament features CPI

Wednesday, May 10th, 2006

The schedule for the Kingston Cowboys 10-team tournament on May 20-21 has been released. All games will be played in Sydenham, just north of Kingston, ON.

Napanee, ON Junior Express
Sydenham, ON Amey’s Drilling
Morris Plains, NJ Ricola
Fitzroy Harbour, ON WC Electric
Oswego, NY CPI (ISC II #8)

Ottawa, ON Valley Raiders
Knoxville/Ontario, PA
Oshawa, ON Royals
Napanee, ON Midget Express
Kingston, ON Cowboys

Saturday May 20
8:15 GM#1 Napanee Junior Express vs. Sydenham Ameys Drilling
8:30 GM#2 Valley Raiders vs. Knoxville
10:00 GM#3 Ricola vs. Fitzroy Harbour
10:15 GM#4 Royals vs. Napanee Midget Express
11:45 GM#5 C.P.I. vs. Napanee Junior Express
12:00 GM#6 Kingston Cowboys vs. Valley Raiders
1:30 GM#7 Sydenham Amey’s Drilling vs. Ricola
1:45 GM#8 Knoxville vs. Royals
3:15 GM#9 Fitzroy Harbour vs. Napanee Junior Express
3:30 GM#10 Napanee Midget Express vs. Valley Raiders
5:00 GM#11 C.P.I. vs. Sydenham Amey’s Drilling
5:15 GM#12 Kingston Cowboys vs. Knoxville
6:45 GM#13 Napanee Junior Express vs. Ricola
7:00 GM#14 Valley Raiders vs. Royals
8:30 GM#15 Fitzroy Harbour vs. C.P.I.
8:45 GM#16 Kingston Cowboys vs. Napanee Midget Express

Sunday May 21
9:45 GM#17 Sydenham Amey’s Drilling vs. Fitzroy Harbour
10:00 GM#18 Knoxville vs. Napanee Midget Express
11:30 GM#19 Ricola vs. C.P.I.
11:45 GM#20 Royals vs. Kingston Cowboys
1:30 GM#21 Div A 1st vs. Div B 2nd
1:30 GM#22 Div B 1st vs. Div A 2nd
3:30 GM#23 Championship Game Winner GM#21 vs. WinnerGM #22

Kitchener, ON Fastball League ready for season

Monday, May 8th, 2006

The Kitchener Fastball League (KFL) has had its last meeting and is ready to start another great season.

We ended last year with the Phoenix Outlaws becoming the league champs for the 2nd year in a row. They defeated the regular season 3rd place finisher Waterloo Classics, 3 games to 1, in the finals.

On the B Side, we saw the Breslau Midgets (playing this year under the name of the Predators), defeat the Bulldogs 2 games to 1, after a tough round robin series including 3 other teams.

This year, with 12 teams in the league (10 returning from last year and 2 new), sets up a 22-game schedule that begins next Monday, May 15 at Budd Park in Kitchener – home to the ISC II ToC in August. The season kicks off with the surprise team of last year, the Breslau Black Sox (formerly Majors) who finished 2nd overall in the regular season, going up against the previously mentioned Predators.